Build Lasting Relationships With Customers Using These 13 Tactics

October 25, 2018

Build Lasting Relationships With Customers Using These Tactics

The article below is originally published on Forbes.

Customer retention and satisfaction are crucial for every company's success. If you want to increase sales, you’ll have to prioritize your relationships with consumers. That means paying attention to their wants and needs and marketing to them accordingly.

We asked a panel of Forbes Agency Council members about the most impressive relationship marketing tactics they've seen. Here’s what you can learn from their observations.

Put Client Interests Before Your Own

Each of your competitors will also claim they can bring as much value as you can, if not more. Our approach is to consider the best interest of the client before ours and to make sure they know that this is how we see our relationship with them. In some occasions, this could mean we don’t sell something or downsize our proposal if we determine that they are not ready. - Christophe Caïs, Customer Experience Group